Emilia Richardson fell in love with the world of theatre at an early age. The community and continual exploration of empathy created an environment where she found her home. Costume Design allowed a place to exist where she could simultaneously work towards the continual growth of body positivity in the industry and inspire others through her unique pathway through life. Through her commitment to learning, continued growth, and theatre Emilia received an AA in Theatre Arts from Western Texas College, a BFA in Theatre with a minor in English from Tarleton State University, and an MFA in Design with a focus on Costuming from Texas Tech University.

With over five years of experience working in professional and educational theatre settings. At Texas Tech University, she was the instructor of record for courses including Principles of Costume Design and Stage Makeup. Her experience as working as an instructor and a student simultaneously provided the opportunity to see the academic world from multiple angles. This insight provided skills needed to better understand the needs of her own students while maintaining an environment that pushes them to fulfill their potential. She works to ensure students leave her instruction prepared to enter the work force and find success. Due to her continued work as a professional theatre artist, she remains abreast of current trends, techniques, and methodologies in design which Richardson can then pass along to her students. She create curriculum that reaches students of all backgrounds and ethnicities and prepares students for the world beyond academia. Thriving in an environment that emphasizes growth and continued learning not only for her students but for herself as well. The future of our profession lies in the students’ hands; watching them find their inner glow and fostering that creativity inspires her as a teacher.


As outlined in her vitae, Emilia  is an inventive designer as well as a dedicated worker. During her time at Texas Tech she mentored students pursuing BAs, BFAs, and MFAs. Working on numerous productions both inside the school as well as professionally at theatres such as Berkshire Theatre Festival, Lubbock Ballet, Cassapora Leather, and Outpost Repertory Theatre Company. She skillfully designed for traditional theatre, dance, musical theatre, student-written works, and devised theatre. Her work have garnered many awards, outlined in her CV and Theatrical Resume, which can be found in the "Menu." Visit "Portfolios" for samples of her work. Please contact her with questions, comments and inquiries on professional contracts, and follow her on social media for live updates!














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